Sunday, November 25, 2007

Late November Update

Arcade Fire-Austin City Limits 09/14/07
Amy Winehouse-I Told You I was trouble-Live in London
International EPK/Live at The Orange Lounge
The Cramps-Napa State Mental Hospital 78/Innertube-Mudd Club 81/Lux skit/Garbageman promo
Depeche Mode-The Small Collection-80s footage
Divine-vol.1 & 2(mcp)-various footage
Joe Jackson-JJB-79-80-Rockpalast 80/Chorus TV 80/ various TV footage 79-80
Sessions at west 54th st-1997
Me'Shelee NDgee Ocello-North Sea Jazz festival-Netherlands-1996(four songs)
Misfits-10/29/81 Bethlehem,PA(BC-HothCanda)
Nirvana-Minz,Austria, 1989-11-20(AUD)
Pretenders-vol.1 & 2-79-81 footage
79-80 footage compiled from official DVD
The Professionals-4 promos
Ramones-1974-1996 It's Alive(2 discs)
The Shins-08/07/07-Sydney Australia
The Smiths-Rockpalast-Hamburg 05/04/84(crushedflowers)
The Stalin/Michiro Endo-live footage-1981-2005(official)
Violent Femmes-Let's Start Over-Live in London 1984
Wire-85-86-Bloomsbury Theater/SNUB TV/120 Minutes/Ahead Promo
Fang/Void-Philly 84/Philly 83/Wilson Center 82(BC-HothCanada)
Innertube-N.Y.C. Cable 79-81-Ramones/DKs/Johnny Thunders/Angry Samoans/Circle Jerks+more(longjam)
New Wave vol.7-P.Furs - Slits - Ultravox - J.Jett - J.Jackson - Martha Muffins - Barracudas
Tribal Area Fanzine vol1 & 2-late 80s footgage
No Acepto-Spanish Punk/HC documentary-2 discs
Northwest Passage:The Birth of Portland's D.I.Y Culture-documentary on Portland's early Punk scene.
Portland's Punks-79-83-music footgae compiled from the documentary.Includes DKS & The Bags.
Punk & The Pistols-UK documentary(director's cut)
Surf Punks 1981-dutch documentary on so cal punk scene w/ rare footage of Venus & The Razorblades,Sucidal Tendencies,45 Grave,China White,The Germs,Casey Cola, & Phranc.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

October Update 2007

Amy Winehouse-2007 TV Appearances
Apollonia 6-Video LP*converted from FLV files from Youtube.
Bad Brains-Steven's Untilted Rock-interviews wwith H.R & Dr.Know,promo, + bonus
Boys Next Door-various audience shot B&W footage from 1978
The Clash(mcp label)-Granada TV/Fridays 1980/Top Pop/Bonds News Report 80/ET News Report 80/Young Music Show NHK TV 82
Crucifix/M.D.C.-Live at the On Broadway,S.F.-Target Video-from a master source,chapter marked
The Cure-1985 Wembley(AUD)-Incomplete
1986 Royal Albert Hall(AUD)
Dead Boys-unknown location/Uncle Floyd Show/Sid News Report/2nd reunion show(AUD)
Dead Kennedys-compilation 79-82
La Bamba Club,Portland,OR 1983(2 channel audio w/menu)
D.O.A.-Smash The State
Donna Summer-1979 TV Special
The Godfathers-1988 MTV Concert-3 songs
Iggy Pop(mcp)-Detroit TV/Dinah!/So it Goes/live in Sweden 8mm/The New Music/Stereovision/Videowest/The Tommorow Show-1977-1979 footage
Iron Cross-Love Hall Philly 1983-VG+
Ladies & Gentlemen..The Fabulous Stains-early 80s cult punk movie starring a very young Diane Lane & Rey Winstone as the singer for The Professionals-uncut version.
Lene Lovich-Live at Studio 54(official)
Living Colour-1988 MTV Concert, 3 songs
Marginal Man-Wilson Center,D.C.-1983
The Meatmen-Wilson Center,D.C.-1983
The Nuns-Winterland,San Francisco 7/30/77
Winterland,San Francisco 1/14/78
P.I.L.(mcp)-The New Music/OGWT/American Bandstand/Rock of the 80s/Top of The Pops/The Tommorow Show/Keith Levine on Manhatten Alley/John Lydon on JukeBox Jury
The Police-11/11/80 Rockpalast digital rebroadcast
The Pretenders(mcp)-Rockpalast 1979/Watcha Gonna do About it w/ Steve Jones/Heatwave clips/2 on the Town/The New Show Session
Passaic,N.J. 1980/New Show Session 84/Studio session 86 w/ menu
Dortmund 1984
Rolling Stones-Ladies & Gentlemen..(jointrip)
Solucion Mortal-1984 Olympic Auditorium L.A.
Talking Heads(mcp)vol.2-Entermedia Theater 1978/Syracuse 78/Videowest/Late Night 83
Throwing Muses-1991 Rockpalast
Til Tuesday-MTV Concert 1985
MTV Spring Break Concert 1987
Tim Buckley-TV performances/documentary(official)
Tina Turner-Den Bosch,Netherlands-Dutch TV 1984
Wire-Bloomsbury Theater, London July 21, 1985(AUD)
Club Metro-Chicago 06/20/87+Late Show July 87
X-Beyond & Back-Film & TV Footage 1979-86
A History of D.C. Punk-rare footage of Minor Threat/Bad Brains/Faith/GI/Void,etc.
Best of Flipside#2-Minutemen/Minor Threat w/menu
Best of Flipside#4-Dicks/M.D.C. w menu
Boston Punk 1979-1982-coverted from streaming files
Dance Craze-UK ska documentary(from master)
JokeJoke's 80s compilation-80s footage from UK shows Whatever You Didn't Get and Switch
Flipside Video # 8 & 10-Punk/HC bands
Italian Punk/HC-1984-90-various bands
Live Earth vol.2-9(joefish)-8 DVDs
Live at Target-2/24/80-Factrix/Nervous Gender/UNS/Flipper
Midwest Hardcore disk 4-Class War/Violent Apathy/Scream/Double O/Crucifucks
Hadrcore Concert 6/16/82-Crucifucks/Whipping Boy/Minor Threat/Meatmen
Hardcore Comp-Circle Jerks/Army of God/The Meatmmen/Crucifuvks/M.D.C./L-7/intro/Toxic Reasons/Minor Threat/11:55
The New Music TV Special-Canadian Punk documentary
New Wave Theater+extras-some footage from official releases, some not.
OLd School Punk/HC-Black Flag Santa Monica 1982(streaming files)/Misfits 1979-Peppermint Twist/Sucidal Tendencies 1982-Kill/Zero Boys-Indianapolis 1981 Pizza Castle(excerpts)streaming files
Punk & Disorderly-UK 82 bands
Raw Energy/Vara Punk Special 1978-rare Sex Pistols.
Tokyo Rockers-1978 Japanese Punk documentary w/ menu
Tribal Zone Video-US punk/HC bands
Visionary Video-L.A. Punk Cable show w/ Black Flag/Social Distortion/The Vandals/Bad Brains,etc.
What's Up America?-15 minute documentary on L.A Punk scene circa 1979

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August Update Pt.2

Beach Boys-A long Travelled Road-vol.1-61-66(TV Appearances)
vol.2-66-71(TV Appearances)
George Clinton-Tales of Dr.Funkenstein-documentary
Scott Walker-Compilation(documentary & TV appearances)
Aussie Garage Sounds-vol.1-60s bands from Down Under.
vol.2-more of the same
Bored Teenagers-German film with The Adverts, sorta like a
German version of
Rude Boy.
A German fan follows the Punk band while they're on tour in Germany.
Dinah!Portal to Hell-The title says it all.Silly celebrities who think they can sing.
William Shatner,Jeff Bridges,Telly Savales,Herve Villacheize,Chuck Woolery,etc.!!??
Plus extra footage of icons like James Brown,Sly Stone, & Richard Pryor
embarassing themselves during interviews.
NY Underground-Basically this is the Japanese documentary Under underground
on NY Punk/New wave/No Wave/Rockabilly scene circa 1978-1980..
Digital Video Archives-vol.1(60s bands)
BBC-In Concert-Hollies-1969/James Taylor-1971
Neil Diamond-1971/Flock of Seagulls-1983(joefish)
*anything that has the joefish label is a mark of quality.

Friday, August 10, 2007

August update

Black Flag-Live at The Stone-S.F.,CA. OOP SST Master
Circle Jerks-Los Angeles 1979(VG-)
Rock Palace 1984/University of Manitoba,Winnepeg 1986(BC-hothcanada)
Duran Duran-12/31/82 MTV's NYE R&RBall-I just added a menu to the previous version.
The Fall-Womad Festival 1985(Aud) from someone's master
Joe Jackson-Sight & Sound In Concert-1/12/83 VH1Classic digital rebroadcast
The Meatmen-9.30 Club-1/8/86
Personality Crisis-Wnnipeg,Canada 4/19/83
Siousxie & The Banshees-TV Performances-1979-1982 vol.1 & 2(mcp)EX
Squirly's Midwest HC vol.1-3-I originally created DVDs from some of this footage and called it Hardcore in The Midwest .These are straight rips from Squirly's VHS masters.
Decline of Western Civilization-This is the complete version.I didn't realize the previous version was mssing alot of Catholic Discipline footage.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Update

I've been busy, so this update is a long time coming!

Air-Concert Prive-French TV 2007
Amy Winehouse-9/18/04-Baden Baden German TV
BBC Sessions-2/8/07
45th at Night/MTV Movie Awards 2007
VDA Phone TBA UK TV 2007
Glastonbury-Pyramid/Jazzworld stages-6/22/07(joefish)
Bad Brains-Maxs Kansas City 1979(hothcanada) VG
Love Hall,Philly-1981(hothcanada)upgrade VG+
Big Boys- Fitzgeralds-Houston,TX.-12/28/82
Blondie-Eat To The Beat-The Videos(official)
Black Flag-Philly 6/4/82(hothcanada)upgrade VG++
Leeds,UK 1984(official)
Bowie-Rare Promos
1980 Floor Show Outtakes vol.2-6
1980 Floor Show Production reels vol.1(Bowie footage only)
Camera Obscura-Lleida, Spain-Private shot gig w/ two cameras with permission from band(excellent)
Cowboy Junkies-German TV 1990
Crowded House-Live at KCRW-07/16/07(converted from streaming video)VG++
The Cure-Live at The Underground, Boston 1980(five songs converted from streaming video)EX/VG++
Dead Kennedys-Live at The Mab1980 unedited(portions of this gig were released on the official Target video)
Daft Punk-Coachella 2006(one disc version)
D.O.A.-London 1984(official)
Genesis-Genesis In The 80s(reformed sniper)
George Michael-Brazil 1991
Go Gos-Rockpalast 1982
Jamiroquai-Munich 1993
French TV -4 songs 1994
The Astoria-London-3/3/94
Japan 3/16/95
Buenos Aires-8/28/99
John Mayer-Austin City Limits-203 w/ Buddy Guy (kit's version)
Led Zeppelin-Live Aid 1985 w/ Phil Collins on drums
Michael Jackson-Austrailia-11/29/87 (excellent concert, but incomplete)
Minutemen-L.A. 12/10/82(hothcanada)upgrade VG
Minor Threat-Love Hall, Philly 1983(trashamericanstyle)upgrade VG+
Negative Approach-Fair Warning vol.2(official)
New Order-Berlin 1981(AUD)-from someone's master
Parliament-Funkadelic-Houston,TX Aqua Boogie Tour 1979
Pete Townsend-All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes-Promos(transferred from Laserdisc)
Plasmatics-1980-1981 TV Footage(compiled from my collection)
The Police-Live Earth 7/7/07
Queen-Japan 1979
Really Red-University of Houston 8/8/82 rare gig-VG
Scissor Sisters-Maida Vale Radio 1(joefish)
Smashing Pumpkins-Rockpalast 2007(2 discs)-excellent
The Smiths-Hacienda-Manchester7/6/83(converted from AVI)VG+
Assembly Rooms,Derby 12/7/83 VH1Classic rebroadcast
Irvine,Scotland 9/22/85-AUD(Soundsville Int) from someone's master
Nottingham,U.K. 1986-AUD(Soundsville Int)from someone's master
Throbbing Gristle-Lyceum London 1981
Tom Petty-Rock Goes To College 1981
Ultravox-1976/1982 Rock Pop/Dortmund
Wall of Voodoo-US Festival 1983
White Stripes-BBC Radio 1/Maida vale Studios-June 07
Canal+-June 07
Flaming Lips/The Shins-Austin City Limits 2005
Necros/Misfits-Love Hall,Philly 1983(hothcanada)VG+
Best of New Wave Theater vol.2-
Best of Flipside #2-Minutemen/Minor Threat-transfered from official tape
Hardcore In The Midwest-vol.2-The Dark/Starvation Army/Solyent Green/Spike in vein/M.D.C.
vol.3-Urban Mutants/Crucifucks/Toxic Reasons/Minor Threat
Live Aid-4 volumes-various footage compiled from mostly master sources, some overlap
Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's The Bollocks-B&W 1978 documentary on the Los Angeles Punk scene w rare footage of the Dead Boys,The Avengers,Cris Frantz(Talking Heads),Weirdos,Screamers(Darby Crash pogoing on stage!),The Bags,Rubber City Rebels, and more Dead Boys.
CHIPS-"Punk Episode"-silly 1982 episode about some "bad" Punks/Rona barett on Punk/Negative Approach-Love Hall, Philly 1983.(better quality on official release)
JokeJoke's 80s comp-Fun Boy 3/The Question/Tracy/Style Council/The Damned/Undertones/Blancmange/Virgin Prunes/The Cure-early 80s TV footage from his masters.
Impact!-1977 UK Punk TV Show never broadcasted w/ Rich Kids/Generation x/The Adverts/The Damned
Reading Festival 1978- with Sham 69,Penetration,Ultravox,The Pirates, and The Jam-converted from mpeg.
Glastonbury Festival 2007-Arcade Fire/Bjork/Bat For Lashes(joefish)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Update before I go on Vacation

Black Flag-1982 Denver
Target Video
Bowie-1980 Floor Show Outtakes vol.2 & 3 0f 6
Circle Jerks/Misfits-Goleta 01/21/83
Dead Kennedys-Houston 1984(pro shot) 45 mins
Jaco Pastorius-80s Big Band compilation
Sacharrine Trust-2 gigs 1985 & 1986
Toxic Reasons-Target Video
Best Of Flipside #1 [Bad Religion / Circle Jerks] - 60 min.
Best Of Flipside #5 [Youth Brigade / 7-Seconds] - 60 min.
Best Of Flipside #6 [Dickies / Weirdos] - 60 min.
Best Of Flipside #7 [UK Subs / Subhumans] - 60 min.
Flipside Video Zine #1 [DI, Vandals, TSOL, MDC, Youth Brigade + MORE] - 120 min.
Jettisoundz Video-Hardcore-1986 comp w/Broken Bones,Crumbsuckers,G.B.H.,D.O.A.,Adicts, + more.
Punk & it's Aftershocks- 1979 UK documentary, mostly British Bands- Sex Pistols,The Jam,Madness,Selecter,Boomtown Rats,Pretenders, Kinks,etc.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Update

B-52s-1983 Rockpalast(upgrade)
David Bowie-1972 Aylesbury-15 minutes of silent footage with audio dubbed in.
1980 Floor Show Outtakes vol.1(of 6)
Crash Test Dummies-Alabama Hall, Munich 1994
The Damned-The Whiskey, Hollywood-1982(one cam,steady)
Judas Priest-TV clips-1978-1992
Minor Threat-Winnepeg 1983(filmed from the back & on stage)
The Stalin-various tv clips & promos 1981-199?
Tears For Fears-Rockpalast 1983
Twisted Sister-various 80s footage
Toyah-Bremen 1982(digital broadcast)
Yes-Sounding Out documentary 1971
Flipside Video-vol.3 & vol.5-v/a artists(quality VG-possibly from VCD)
Flipside Video-D.O.A./Dead Kennedys-1984
Crucifx/M.D.C.-Live at Target Video 1983?(VG+)
SST:The Tour-S.W.A.,Meat Puppets,Sacharine Trust,Minute men,Husker Du-S.F. 1985
Roskilde Festival-Simple Minds/Siouxsie & the Banshees 1983
The Shins/Silversun Pickups-Live on KCRW(streaming video encoded to DVD by me)